Short Escapes For Those In Need Of a Recharge

Bedroom at Salomons Estate

Taking a long holiday abroad is a fantastic experience that many of us plan ahead of time and look forward to each year. However, such extended periods of time away from home are not a regular occurrence, and you may find yourself feeling over-extended between your booked holidays. In order to recharge and enjoy themselves between breaks many people will book a long weekend and set out to a closer holiday location. If you are feeling run down, a weekend escape can be the perfect remedy, allowing you to enjoy a holiday without you or your family having to take time off from work or school.   

Weekend trips also offer excellent opportunities for you to meet up and bond with friends and relatives. Taking short shared trips to visit family and friends can be a great way to socialise during your break, as you can meet at a hotel midway to cut down on travel costs. As we get older, and family and friends scatter across the country choosing different career paths, it is important to maintain these close ties, whether it is online or by meeting up for a hotel holiday as a group. 




While for longer holidays, extended travel including flights and long stretches of time in the car can often be an expected part of the overall experience, short breaks over the weekend are generally formatted to minimise travel and stress. For short weekend staycations, many will only travel a short distance over their holiday weekend in order to maximise the amount of time they can spend relaxing.  

These holidays tend to be staycations within the same country, with many hotels and other accommodation providers offering weekend stays which allow you to explore the surrounding area. When selecting the area you want to stay in and the accommodation for your trip, it can be best to keep an open mind. There will be hundreds of beautiful spots around your area that you may not have explored before which can give you the atmosphere and experience you are looking for. Searching through reviews of each accommodation provider can give you a good idea about what the stay will be like.  


Weekend Breaks


Most holidays are taken over the course of a week or longer, as you travel abroad with family and friends, but while international holidays can offer many fantastic ways to enjoy yourself, sometimes a shorter break fitted in over a weekend can be a great way for you to recharge your energy for the week ahead.  

We are one of the busiest generations ever, and the move to digitising the workplace can blur the lines between your work and home life. When most people were working in offices or a separate workplace you could separate your time between work and your home life in a way that doesn’t happen when you are working from home. Here are a few ideas for weekend trips that can help you renew your energy and enthusiasm for the week ahead.  

  • A night in the town 

Booking a weekend at a hotel in a UK town can give you a fantastic time, as you explore what the area has to offer and perhaps visit the local attractions. In local Kent and Sussex there are a wide variety of activities and sites to enjoy and explore, even if just for a long weekend.   

  • A Day in London 

 When you are considering a weekend holiday, visiting London is a staple. The city has a wide variety of attractions, from shopping, the West End and landmarks such as the London eye for visitors to enjoy. If you are interested in a day trip to London, Salomons Estate is a fantastic base point. The town of Tunbridge Wells has a direct train line into the centre of London, which takes just an hour each way. This allows you to set aside a day to explore and enjoy the city, while staying overnight in the countryside.   

  • Holiday Lets 

If you are planning a reunion with multiple friends and family, selecting a holiday let rather than a hotel can allow you more privacy for fun and a more exciting time. Hotels are wonderful places to stay – but it is good manners to be mindful of others staying in the hotel and to keep the volume low. At Salomons Estate we have the Old Gate House and the Cottage available for let; with plenty of bedrooms and meeting spaces, these houses offer ample space for an exciting family get together.  

  • Spa Hotel  

 Taking some time away from home to pamper yourself and relax can be a perfect activity for those who have a high stress level from day to day. Many hotels offer spa services as part of their service, and for those that don’t, they will likely have recommendations for local massage and spa shops you can visit if you are interested. While being pampered is a wonderful feeling, some may wish to book other activities such as a cycle ride in to the schedule as well, to diversify their activities.   

  • Adventure Holidays 

 An adventure holiday is generally a holiday that includes sports activities and exploring the wilderness as part of the holiday. There are many water sports such as paddleboarding, sailing or fishing that are open for tourists around the UK. Cycling and hiking are also family-friendly favourites that can invigorate you as you explore new landscapes.  


Why recharge?


With so much stress in our day to day lives it is crucial that we maintain our mental health and take care of ourselves. Taking a short break from work and day to day life to enjoy yourself and decompress can help you remain in good shape. We need regular breaks in order to make our lives as stress free as possible.  

When we book time off for a weekend staycation or trip it allows us to refocus and take a step back from our daily life. The rest and relaxation of a weekend trip can help you improve your focus and allow you to achieve your goals. 

If you are interested in a weekend break with Salomons Estate, please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to inform you of what our beautiful Estate has to offer those planning a weekend holiday. If you have any questions about the local area and what kind of activities there are within easy driving distance, please let us know.