10 Health Benefits of Holidays

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In our everyday lives we can often feel worn down and stressed; taking a break to focus on yourself and enjoy your hobbies and interests can make you feel much happier and healthier. Holidays give you the chance to explore and expand your horizons, which can help increase your creativity and level of energy in everyday life. Holidays and regular breaks enable you to rest and recharge, and bring many health benefits. 

Happiness is often linked with health and motivation, helping you to remain productive from day to day. In order to increase your motivation, spending time enjoying a holiday can often help you to de-stress and enjoy your time. Here we have compiled a list of ten different health benefits that you can gain from holidays. 


1. Reduce your stress 

During the pandemic stress has been at an all-time high, with young students and adults reporting high levels of anxiety in everyday life. Holidays can offer a respite from stress and allow you to take a step back from what is upsetting you in your day to day routines, and truly relax. 

Holidays allow you to explore your local area and participate in workshops and activities without any pressure or need to produce results. The lack of deadlines and appointments can reduce your feelings of anxiety and lead to a drastic reduction in any stress related health issues you have. 


2. Recharge your energy  

Hobbies such as painting and paddleboarding are fantastic ways to recharge your energy, but so many of us find it difficult to set aside the time to do so. Having time set aside during your staycation to explore your interests can give you excitement and new motivation for your hobbies.  

These activities can also help you destress during weekends and after work, leading to a long term positive change in your mental health.  


3. Self-care 

With so many of us busy throughout the year it can be difficult to find the time to indulge ourselves. Deciding to spend your time on holiday giving yourself some TLC can make a huge difference in how you feel when returning to work.  

Booking a trip to the spa or a restaurant during your holiday can be a great way to treat yourself and help you to make the most of the experience. We all need to spend time taking care of ourselves to remain happy and healthy – so make sure that you give yourself what you need during your holiday. 


4. Boost fitness  

Many of the activities that people participate in while on holiday can help improve your fitness, with many choosing to go hiking, cycling or even kayaking on their break. This can help boost your fitness, as well as your levels of serotonin (the happiness hormone).  

Spending time in the great outdoors while on holiday can motivate you to include more time spent outdoors during your day to day routine.  


5. Improve mental health  

The act of being on holiday and exploring new places can lead to a boost in the amount of serotonin that you produce. This exploration can help you get your creative juices flowing and improve your mental health by giving you a break from your everyday routines.  


6. Diversify your diet 

While we are on holiday we often eat more than usual, but as well as eating more we often try different foods that we might not usually try. Experimenting with different food groups and types of cuisine can give you a more interesting food experience while you are on holiday, as well as diversifying your diet.  

The new and healthy foods you have tried while on holiday and made once you return home can increase the vitamins and minerals in your diet.  


7. Prevent burnout 

Burnout is created when someone is placed under physical or mental stress for a prolonged period of time. When this occurs it is often attributed to work or exam stress within daily routines that have become too much. Holidays allow you to relax and help yourself recover from stressful situations before getting to that point.  

No matter how much you need to get done, it is important to take care of yourself first and foremost, and that means giving yourself regular breaks. 


8. Bond socially 

Human beings are social creatures; we need time off with our families and friends to enjoy each other’s company to be happy. With the lockdown we have increasingly found it difficult to remain in close touch with our loved ones.  

However, now that the lockdown is ending, it is a fantastic time to take holidays to spend time with your family and friends, which can drastically improve your mental health and allow you to broaden your horizons. 


9. Motivation 

It is impossible to remain completely motivated all the time. The amount of concentrated focus that is required for everyday life can wear on your system if you don’t take a holiday.  

Having the future prospect of an upcoming holiday can also help you stay motivated in the lead up to your break.   


10. Increase your focus  

Taking a holiday to relax and recharge can give you a renewed enthusiasm and focus for when you return to work. Retaining a high focus can be difficult from day to day, with our normal routines becoming monotonous. Breaking those routines by going on a holiday can help you find your focus and feel renewed.  

Holidays also give us all a chance to step out of our everyday lives and consider our next steps. Whether it is a change in jobs or which subjects you want to study at university, it is hard to look at your options objectively while you are working. On holiday, when you are relaxed and open to new possibilities, you can find a new focus for your efforts. 


Just Have Fun! 

We all look forward to our holiday time each year, and the prospect of time away is often what helps us get through the day. Taking time away to enjoy yourself is an incredible feeling, and having fun is good for your mental and physical health.  

Whether you are spending a long weekend at Salomons Estate, or a week, our beautiful estate will be sure to enable you to recharge while you are here. To find out more, please contact us here.