Why To Go On Holiday Near Home

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With the pandemic severely limiting travel options for the public, many are choosing to remain close to home. A holiday taken within our own country and local area are generally referred to as staycations. The reduced expense and stress offered by this option has many people opting to remain near home on their holiday.  

There are a wide variety of ways to enjoy a staycation including camping, hotel stays, holiday lets or caravans. The UK has so many incredible places of natural beauty and historic significance to see, many of which we don’t take the time to visit. Exploring landmarks and towns closer to home can create some fantastic memories for the whole family.  

Explore your area as a tourist 

It is often assumed that deciding to book a holiday that takes place relatively close to home means that you have less options for trying new activities and seeing new places. However, even those who go out on hikes and to explore their local area, may only see a relatively small section of your home county.  

As we go about our day to day lives, we rarely visit the tourist sites in our area or explore to the fullest. A quick google search or visiting a tourist information will likely offer a variety of places to visit that you may not have even heard of before. There are thousands of interesting places to visit in Kent alone, with many more in Sussex.  

Holidays are primarily a way for people to relax and enjoy some freedom from their usual responsibilities. Holidaying near home reduces the stress of travel arrangements.  

Less time lost traveling  

Travelling long distances, especially with young children, can be excruciating. Travelling abroad can come part and parcel with jet lag, baggage allowances and long car journeys. Facing these trials, just to get to your holiday accommodation, is hardly a fun start for your well-earned break. Airports can take a long time to get to, even more time to get through and that is before you even set foot on the plane itself.  

Travelling abroad is wonderful experience and taking the time to explore other countries can be fantastic. That said, with the potential extra stress of young children along, deciding to stay close to home can make your holiday a time to relax rather than worry. 


One of the most quoted reasons for families to choose a staycation rather than heading abroad are the reduced costs. Without the cost of travel staycations are often significantly cheaper. The lower cost of travel on a staycation, means that you will have more to spend on activities and treats for yourself and your family. Having an adventure holiday or simply booking some local activities to try can give you fun new experiences can make a staycation a truly exciting experience.  

  • Food 

With so much going on, sometimes having a sit down meal together as a family can be difficult. Whether you choose to stay in the hotel for your meals or eat out at a restaurant, there are some incredible local dishes to sample from around the UK. Taking the time to have delicious meals out in restaurants is not something that happens every day, so make the most of your holiday and order yourself something delicious. From farmer’s markets to local deli’s – try your local food offerings and explore what Kent and Sussex have to offer. 

  • Activities 

Choosing a selection of activities to try, as well as historic monuments to visit over your holiday can make your staycation far more exciting. Interesting ideas such as booking a family pottery class or a guided canoe adventure can give you something to look forward to and allow you to find new hobbies that suit you. If you plan far enough in advance, you can often get discounted prices on these kinds of experiences, with family tickets for tours or classes.  

  • Treats  

Holidays are often an opportunity for you to treat yourself to some pampering and fun, such as a massage or a visit to an outdoors concert. With lockdown easing after so long spent in isolation, now is the time to treat yourself and create opportunities to relax. Booking a visit to a spa or even just visiting a nice restaurant for lunch can be a fantastic way for you to recharge during your break.  

Weekend escapes  

Staying close to home opens up the option for a weekend escape with minimal travel to help you recharge your energy. Heading off to a local hotel for a bank holiday weekend will give you the relaxation you need and give you the opportunity to treat yourself without breaking the bank.  

Having regular breaks from work and the stresses of everyday life are crucial to reducing your stress and ensuring you are able to work efficiently. Weekend breaks, with treats such as an afternoon tea or a spa trip give you something to look forward to and can motivate you during the weeks leading up to the trip.  

Family reunions 

With the lockdown cutting many of us off from family and friends for long periods of time, organising a meet up during a staycation is a fantastic bonding experience after months or even years spent apart. Whether your holiday is focussed on a weekend meet up over a Sunday lunch, or booking with the same hotel for a shared holiday experience, here at Salomons Estate we pride ourselves on providing our guests a stellar service.  

If you are interested in a holiday near home with Salomons Estate, please contact us here. With delightful rooms and guest houses available for hire, we have a variety of options to choose from. If you have any enquiries, our staff will do their utmost to answer any questions.