Holiday Ideas For A Hotel Staycation

Bedroom at Salomons Estate

A hotel staycation at Salomons Estate provides impeccable service and catering. From beautiful rooms, gorgeous grounds and delicious meals, hotels offer a relaxed way to experience your staycation. Booking a hotel experience allows you to recharge your energy in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as attentive staff that will ensure your stay is as calming as possible.  

Dining opportunities  

One of the primary lures of a hotel staycation are the dining opportunities on offer. Most hotels will provide the option of having your breakfast served in the hotel and sometimes lunch and dinner service as well. If you are looking for a break from feeding a hoard of hungry family members, having a hotel dining service can help you to de stress and enjoy your holiday.  

If you are looking for accommodation for a large group of people (perhaps a post COVID 19 family reunion) where you will be able to cater for yourselves, then The Old Gatehouse and The Cottage offered as holiday lets by Salomons estate provide a beautifully maintained kitchen for guests as well as beautiful bedrooms. 

At Salomons Estate we provide a wide range of dining opportunities for our guests, with Sunday roasts and gorgeous breakfasts for our guests to try. If you will be eating with us, we ask that you book a table ahead of your stay to ensure we have space available for you. Here are a few of the dining options we provide to our guests: 

  • Sunday Lunch – Perfect for a lazy afternoon, our Sunday roasts are absolutely delicious. With a wonderful three course menu we do our utmost to provide the best service possible.  
  • Afternoon tea – We serve a dainty afternoon tea for a wide range of occasions. Offered in rooms overlooking our well-maintained grounds, this menu is a fantastic treat for those looking to relax.  
  • Full English Breakfast – Salomons Estate offers a cooked breakfast for guests. Contact our help desk to book a table and time for when you want breakfast served.  

Try something new 

From yoga to portraiture, there are a wide variety of arts and crafts to explore or re-discover. With the pandemic keeping many of us indoors and providing more free time than we have ever had before, many of us have found some more creative pursuits to fill the time. From needlepoint embroidery, painting and knitting to learning to create websites, there are hundreds of classes and workshops providing you the tools to try new things.  

Whether you are an aspiring poet or want to learn more about gardening there are so many ways to find courses that will suit you. Look up local workshops and talks that you could potentially visit and see if any tickle your fancy. Gaining a hobby outside of work to explore can help you to destress and enjoy your spare time.  

  • Hiking – With the lockdown forcing the majority of the public to spend large amounts of time isolated indoors, there has been fewer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. When on holiday you have the perfect opportunity to head for the hills and find some new places to explore.  
  • Water sports – There are a wide variety of water sports to try and with the summer weather finally arriving, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy them. Sports such as canoeing, paddleboarding, surfing or sailing give you an opportunity to explore in a new way. Visiting areas such as Bewl Water will give any visitors ample opportunity  
  • Cooking classes – Cooking classes can be a lot of fun to try, whether you are interested in learning how to bake bread or are more intrigued by learning some tricks and tips for creating some delicious Japanese dishes. Learning new cooking skills can come in handy for years to come. 
  • Local gems – From farmer’s markets to theatres, there are so many wonderful experiences waiting just outside your door. There are hundreds of events occurring near our homes each year and we have the time to visit so few of them. A staycation is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy local event like the May Day festival or the Saturday farmer’s market.  
  • Spa treatments – To fully enjoy your relaxing experience with your hotel staycation, why not consider visiting a spa? With our increased stress during the lockdown, a lovely massage can be a fantastic way to detox and destress.  
  • Visiting historical sites – Both Kent and Sussex have multiple areas of historical and natural beauty to enjoy with many natural trust sites within the county. Sites such as Knole, Sissinghurst Castle Garden and Scotney Castle are in full bloom for visitors to explore and enjoy.  
  • Foodie delights – Kent is known as the garden of England with many of the local farms focussing on growing hops and vines for the local breweries. There are many local varieties of gin, cider and beer that you can taste. Other local delights include cobnuts and local cheeses.  

Meet up with friends  

When travelling abroad, many will plan a holiday with extended family or friends, this takes quite a lot of organisation though and can end up being quite difficult to arrange. If you are staying near home on your holidays, setting up a meeting with friends at an event or on a hike is much easier and far less expensive.  

With the lockdown finally ending, a staycation organised with friends of the family can be a fantastic way for you and your friends to catch up. Here are some ideas for a group staycation:  

  • Planning a hiking route that ends near a local pub for lunch can be a great way to kick off the holiday. Exploring the great outdoors is something that many of us have missed over lockdown, particularly those living in towns or cities.  
  • Booking a group experience, such as foraging or pottery classes can be great fun for all ages and potentially be a new hobby for you.  
  • Look up local events that could be an option for you to visit. While events such as fairs and festivals are still being careful to practice Covid 19 safety measures, some may be up and running in a limited capacity.  

If you are interested in a hotel staycation in Kent, please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to help you arrange your break and are knowledgeable about the areas of interest in the area.