How Does Nature Affect Our Wellbeing?

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When you walk out of your front door, do you feel the stress fall away and your mood lift as you head outside? Then you aren’t the only one. Spending time outside amid nature is fantastic for your wellbeing, and a holiday spent hiking and enjoying the UK’s natural spaces can help you feel reinvigorated to face the rest of the year.  

For the vast majority of people, the bulk of our day is often spent indoors, and often in our workplace. While time spent indoors isn’t necessarily an issue, it is proven that individuals who spend at least an hour outside in a green space each day are far more likely to report themselves to be in good health both physically and mentally. Our brains are hardwired to enjoy wild spaces, and so thousands of UK citizens will head to the hills each year for staycations away from their towns and cities.  


Exercise has a huge impact on our wellbeing. Taking the time to go on a short walk each morning at a local park can have a big impact on our health. Driving into the gym can become boring, especially if all you do once you arrive is use the running machines. Exercise outdoors can be invigorating and enjoyable, allowing you to explore the local hiking and walking trails around your local area.  

Taking a holiday where you can head off to explore the wilderness can act as a fantastic way of increasing your fitness. Going on an outdoors family trip while on holiday can be a great way to spend time in the wild and bond with the rest of your family.  

Here are some outdoor activities that are good for your fitness and wellbeing to try while on holiday:  

  • Kayaking – There are kayaks available on the river Medway, on Bewl Water and along the coast for those that are curious to head out onto the water. It is recommended that those interested in kayaking make sure to book with a tour group or class if you have never gone out in a kayak before. This is to learn the ropes and stay safe while exploring. Taking to the water is an incredible experience that can also allow you to enjoy 
  • Sailing – Sailing is a wonderful experience that can be used to explore the coast and enjoy the summer weather. There is something about going out on the water that can be deeply relaxing.  
  • Fishing – Fishing is a great sport for those of all ages to try. From beginners to more experienced fishing champions, there are many different techniques to try while out on holiday. You can fish from a bank or a boat to diversify your experience. To discover more about this incredible sport you can book a lesson to try your hand at it, or rent fishing equipment from a shop. 
  • Running – Cross country running is an incredible sport that allows you to exercise while enjoying the outdoors. Competitions such as the marathon and triathlon are hugely popular, and while you might not be a runner yourself, coming to the race to cheer on friends and family can make for a fantastic time.  
  • Cycling – Cycling is a family-friendly outdoors activity that can be enjoyed by people at a variety of fitness levels; perfect for a holiday as there are many popular cycling routes with bicycle hire shops that will help you select a suitable bike and give you the necessary safety equipment for your day.  
  • Hiking – Kent and Sussex have so many beautiful places to explore, from the South Downs to the coastal paths. Immersing yourself in nature and hiking the trails around the county is a fantastic way to enjoy your holiday.  
  • Paddle boarding – A quickly-growing holiday activity, the stable nature of paddleboards makes it suitable for people of all ages to try. While they do require some finesse, they are much easier to use than kayaks or canoes and are much simpler to steer.  

Change in surroundings 

Spending time in one place, such as at home or in your workplace for long stretches of time each day, can become extremely monotonous. When spending a large amount of our day indoors without heading out into nature, this routine can have a negative effect on your mental health. Just a short walk outside or a holiday with plenty of outdoors activities can have a huge impact on your individual wellbeing.  

For millions of years the human species has lived spending the majority of our lives outside and engaged with nature as hunter-gatherers or farmer. Taking some time for a holiday to go out and appreciate the wild spaces is a great way for you get in touch with your roots.  

At Salomons Estate we have extensive Victorian gardens for you to explore and enjoy during your stay with us. Situated in Kent, there is a wide variety of historical sites and environmental treasures within easy driving distance for our guests to visit. While exploring our local area there are many wonderful landscapes, with numerous farms and expertly managed forests for guests to visit and enjoy. 


Spending time in natural and wild spaces is often very soothing; the impact of being outside is a calming influence that often allows people to de-stress. Our mental health is vitally important to maintain, and holidays are one of the crucial factors that help us to recharge and relax. It is often said that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ and in many ways this is true, as fun outside can often make a remarkable difference to our health.  

If you are interested in a hotel holiday set in the gorgeous county of Kent, then please contact us here. Our hotel staff will be delighted to discuss what Salomons Estate has to offer our guests.