Prom Planning Checklist

Christmas crackers on the table.

A prom is an event held to commemorate an important school occasion, such as the end of the school year. Some schools also hold seasonal summer or winter balls for their older students to enjoy. Proms are a fantastic way to meet with classmates outside of a school setting, as well as a great opportunity to get dressed up. For many, the school prom is the event of the year with many students looking forward to it, so it is crucial that the planning ensures that the event goes smoothly.  

Planning a prom can be very difficult to manage, particularly as those organising the event may not have much event planning experience. With everyone in the year group invested in the end result and wanting to contribute, streamlining your efforts to create a plan that will work can be difficult. This article will act as a checklist to ensure that your prom planning will go off without a hitch. 

1. Date & Time

The first check on any prom planning checklist should be the date the prom is going to be held and the time frame that you have to work with. Most prom events take place in the evening during the summer season. They are often scheduled at the end of the school year as a celebration of the end of the summer term. However, the end of the school term can be very busy, with exams and sport events scheduled as well. Checking with your teachers to see if they have any school events planned near the proposed dates can help prevent a schedule clash.  

Booking your time and date on a Friday evening is a good way to ensure that your guests will be able to enjoy the evening, perhaps with an after-party, as they won’t have to go into school the next day. Sending out an email with the date and time of the event to all those interested in participating is important to do as early as possible so that your classmates can clear their schedule.  

2. Function Room

Selecting a venue is a key part of the prom planning process. Often the venue will provide staff and a kitchen with a range of meal options, as well as beautiful décor. Many venues will have a wide variety of function rooms available for you to use. Going to visit the venue will help you to choose which of the function rooms you want to use for your event. Take your time exploring the venues in your local area and consider your budget when making a final choice. Finding a venue that will work well for the event you have in mind can take a while, but often the wait will be worth it. Often if you ask your teachers they will know which venues were used by the school in previous years and will be able to recommend a venue that has worked well for your school’s prom event previously. 

Before booking a venue, consider how many individuals will be participating, including teachers who will be supervising the event. Many venues have a minimum and maximum number of people they are able to host in each function room – a consideration that has become far more common with the pandemic. Checking with a staff member that the venue has the capacity to host your party before you book will ensure that you are selecting the right venue.  

3. Menu

While food is served at many prom events, it is not a necessity. Before booking a venue consider if you want to serve a meal and which options you should include. Serving a three course meal can offer students a chance to chat while they enjoy the dishes, and can allow you to start the prom earlier as there will be a meal included in the event. If you are not serving food at the prom, make sure you clarify this so everyone eats before they arrive.  

Many students may have specific dietary requirements, so having a vegan option in the meal plan is a good way to ensure that all the students are catered for. If there is a student with a specific issue, such as a nut allergy, it is important to discuss options for their dishes with the chef.  

4. Guest List

Once you have booked your venue for the prom date, it is time to send out the information to your guests who will be participating in the prom, and asking them for confirmation of attendance. Sending this out at least two months ahead of the date would be best, as it gives your year mates time to send back replies and look for dresses or suits to wear to the event. Sending a menu along with the confirmation of the time date and cost of your prom event will allow students to select their options and list any dietary requirements they have, such as gluten intolerance or a vegan diet. Sending these to the venue will help them set aside and plan for any specific meals that guests may need.  

Some venues require a deposit to secure your booking for the correct date and time in the function room. When you are first in contact with the venue, discussing the likely number of guests and any specific themes or decorations you want brought in will help everything run smoothly.   

5. Photography

For a lot of students attending, prom will be their first formal event, so arranging for photographs to be taken is important. Hiring a photographer, or even asking a parent with a good camera to take photos of the students, will give the guests a keepsake for home or to post online. In order to get a good range of shots, perhaps posed photos with friends or escorts while entering the prom, along with action shots of the night as it goes on, will give the students a range to choose from. Setting up a photo booth with instant photo strips and costume props is also great fun for students, allowing them to take quick pictures to take home with them.  

If you are considering booking Salomons Estate as a venue for your prom events, please contact us here. Our staff would be delighted to discuss your options for your prom events as well as answer any questions you may have.