Arranging A Hen Party To Remember

Christmas crackers on the table.

A hen party is generally a high energy event with a group of people who have met before and can get along well. Creating the perfect party for everyone to enjoy can be great fun – from a bar crawl to a bottomless brunch there is plenty out there that works perfectly for this type of event. However, if the mother of the bride or others who are less interested in a really high energy event are also coming, it can become difficult to strike the right balance.  

A hen party is an event which allows the bride to say goodbye to their single days in the run up to their wedding. It creates a fantastic opportunity for the bride to meet up with both old and new friends in order to bond and have a great time together. 


When planning your hen party three things are essential to remember: arranging accommodation for each person, the events you are booking (an afternoon tea for example), and transport to each location. Of course, booking a restaurant for your party’s meals is also something you should consider for a large party so the venue can prepare. However, if you are on a staycation for your hen party cooking your meals together as a group or setting up a rota is a great way to bond if you are staying in self-catered accommodation throughout your hen party.  

Many venues can offer activities like an afternoon tea for your hens as well as accommodation, finding a venue that can offer everything you need can cut down on the amount of travelling you di between venues. Here at Salomons Estate we have self-catered accommodation perfect for a group and can offer a range of function rooms to host a hen party. If you are planning on heading to a separate location our estate is located in the heart of Tunbridge Wells a beautiful town with a range of restaurants and bars to visit 


Where is your hen party going to be held and when? Many of your hens will likely live a good distance away and will have to make arrangements to travel to your venue, or even book a hotel to stay overnight. Making sure you can send out the details of your hen party night as early as possible will make it easier for your hens to arrange transport and time off so that they can attend your event. Sending out invites can be a great way to let everyone know what the menu is or reply with any dietary needs or allergies they need taken into account for the event.  

When planning a hen party, it is important to consider the logistics of what everyone is doing. For instance, if you are going on a bar crawl that will take you a long way from your hotel, how are you getting back? Having a taxi booked well ahead of the night so you have a definite ride back to where you are staying will help ensure everything goes smoothly on the night.  



When you are planning a hen party there are lots of options out there for you to arrange for your guests. Whether you are heading out on a long weekend staycation or have decided to start off your hen party with an afternoon tea, there is a lot to consider. Here are some great potential options for you to consider when planning your hen night.  

Night Out  

Heading out for the night in your local town is a great way to enjoy a hen party. Book a restaurant to start out at, then map where you are going to visit for the duration of your hen party. This is a great way to celebrate, especially if you have a limited budget or not much time.  


If you want to create a longer event, then booking a weekend staycation either in self-catered accommodation such as a house, or a hotel room, can give you more time together to enjoy each other’s company. Self-catered accommodation can be a great option for a hen party, as the house will likely have a kitchen so you can save on costs by cooking meals yourself. If you want to learn more about the accommodation options offered by Salomons Estate, then please follow the link here. 

Afternoon Tea  

Afternoon tea is a great way to kick off your afternoon on a high note. With plenty of nibbles to try, the atmosphere of an afternoon tea is a great opportunity for you to introduce any friends that haven’t met before to the rest of your guests. Bringing in some card or trivia games to play while enjoying your afternoon tea, or having prosecco or champagne served during your afternoon tea is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the day.  

Lunch or Dinner  

Booking a private room for your lunch or dinner can be a great way to ensure that no one else is disturbed if your hen night dinner gets a little loud. To explore what Salomons has to offer for a lunch or dinner out with friends, please follow the link here.  

Bottomless Brunch  

Bottomless brunch is a hen party classic, as everyone starts off the day in style. Perfect to start off a boozy day out, Salomons has plenty of beautiful brunch options that will start your hen party off with a bang.  

Cocktails and Canapés  

Setting up a function room and serving your hens cocktails and canapés can create a lovely and intimate party setting that your whole bridal party can attend, as you won’t be travelling around. This kind of party arrangement is a great way to bring in party games and drinking games, like ‘Never have I ever’ for the bride and hens to enjoy.  

If you are considering booking a hen party with Salomons Estate ahead of your wedding day, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to show you the options we have available for a hen party event.