How To Plan A Fantastic Hen Party

Christmas crackers on the table.

Planning a hen party can be daunting, especially as the planning often falls to the maid of honour or the bridesmaids rather than the bride. A hen party is a celebration, with friends, of the end of single life a few days before the wedding. As the wedding itself is often a more formal event depending on the arrangements, the hen and stag parties for the couple are a chance to let go and have fun. Hen parties come in a range of different forms, from an adventure such as kayaking, going out on a bar crawl, to a relaxed night in with a bottle of champagne. The only real rule to organising a hen party is that the point is for everyone to have fun. 

With wedding planning is often a stressful affair, the key to a hen do is to have a great night with friends to celebrate the end of the bride’s time as a single woman. Hen parties have the (deserved) reputation of getting rather wild, but much like the wedding itself it is crucial to tailor the event you are planning to the bride and guests to create a perfect night for them.  

Work Together

While sometimes the bride plans the hen do event, often – as the bride is focused on the wedding – the hen party preparations are left to the maid of honour and the bridesmaids to arrange. That said, discussing the details of what the bride wants is a great way to understand what you should be looking to achieve with the event. Does the bride want a wild night out to let loose, or to relax and unwind over a gourmet dinner?  

Planning an event like a hen do also requires everyone involved to consider what they have time to arrange and if they can be away for long stretches of time, especially if you are considering arranging a staycation for your hen do. Finding a date, time and plan that will suit everyone can be difficult without giving those attending advance warning so that they can arrange the time off work if it will be held during the week. In order to keep things easy to arrange it is often best to let everyone know when you will be arranging the event for, and to work on what is planned for the day later with the venue you are using. When planning, remember to hold your hen party at least a week ahead of the wedding event. If you are planning a night out on the town, arranging the event well in advance of the wedding is often a good idea. After all, if the bridesmaids are all hung over it can be hard to enjoy the wedding itself.  


  • Staycation – Planning a long weekend away for your hen or stag celebrations can be a great way to enjoy your time with your friends to the maximum. Planning a few activities for during the day as well as an evening party is great fun and having a few days free to enjoy yourselves will give you more time to work with. Here at Salomons Estate we offer self-catered accommodation at the cottage and the old gatehouse, perfect for a hen party. To learn more about accommodation at our estate follow the link here.  
  • Spa Night – If a night out isn’t what suits the event you are planning; a weekend of pampering can help everyone relax ahead of the wedding. Whether you book a visit to a spa with some professional treatments or bring home-use treatments to your accommodation to try together, unwinding can be a great way to spend time together in the run up to the wedding.  
  • Bar crawl – Probably the most traditional way to spend a hen do. Contacting bars and clubs ahead of time to see if they have the capacity for you to arrive is a great way to ensure the night goes smoothly. Having a friend that is a non-drinker, or a few members of the party that aren’t drinking, can help make sure everyone has a great night without getting lost or separated on the bar crawl.  
  • Cocktail Making – Cocktail making can be a fantastic activity to explore together – making a range of drinks with different flavour profiles is a wonderful way to kick start your evening. Who knows, you may learn how to make a new favourite tipple with your friends.  
  • Afternoon Tea – A traditional afternoon tea is a wonderful way to enjoy yourselves together in the run up to the wedding. A range of beautifully prepared sweet treats are served alongside scones, sandwiches and if you want, a glass of prosecco or champagne. To learn more about the beautiful afternoon teas served at Salomons Estate, please follow the link here.  
  • Adventures – Planning a hen do adventure can be fantastic fun, with a wide range of potential ideas to choose from. Cycling, hiking, kayaking, or even a few rounds of laser tag, can be a great way to spend the day together – perfect for more adventurous brides and bridesmaids.  Organising a dinner for when you return from your adventure will mean that you don’t have to cook but can instead sample some delightful dishes.  
  • Fancy dress – Showing up to a hen do in fancy dress is an iconic tradition. The actual clothes can vary depending on what your theme for the hen party is, from pink, to disco chic, or even a onesie only event.  Fancy dress is a great way to ensure your party members stand out in a crowd so you can easily find each other, and brings an element of fun to events that can bring your hen party plans to the next level.  

If you are considering Salomons Estate as a venue for your hen party, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to discuss what our venue can do for you to help make your hen party a night to remember.