Adding Personal Touches To Your Wedding

Christmas crackers on the table.

While the traditions of a wedding ceremony are great fun to include – such as something new, something borrowed and something blue – bringing in elements of your personal taste, like a favourite colour and flower, or even a passion for the cello, is a fantastic way to ensure your wedding stands out from the crowd. From your wedding invites to your décor, there are plenty of opportunities to put your own spin on your wedding plans.  

Your wedding is a symbol of your relationship together, and also a statement about what you want from your future together. If you have any particular passions or plans, such as heading off to live in another country or even opening up a coffee shop together, bringing elements of what you want from the future into your wedding plans can be a fantastic way to ensure there are personal details included in the festivities that your guests will love. 

Here are a few tips that could help you create a wedding that perfectly suits you.  


While having an overarching theme for your wedding ceremony isn’t a necessity and often the theme itself can be quite vague such as a bohemian themed wedding which can be expressed in a lot of different ways. However, having a theme can help you (and potentially your wedding planner if you have one) to narrow down what you want the final wedding party to look like.  

Your chosen theme can be anything you choose, from a favourite book like Lord of the Rings or Alice in Wonderland, to a general rustic vineyard theme. Here are a few of the most popular wedding themes that couples use to bring a personal touch to their wedding:  

  • Secret Garden – If you are considering an outdoor wedding ceremony, and possibly reception, then having a marquee is a must even in the summer to prevent a rained-on wedding. Using the beauty of nature by bringing in plenty of flowers and foliage to your décor can create a magical event.  
  • Vintage Theme – From a 1940s style dress and make up to incorporating 1920s glamour into your décor, if you are fond of the fashion and style of a particular era, then creating a wedding themed around that decade can create an event to remember.  
  • Classical Elegance – A classic wedding event would be a wedding that incorporates the traditional elements of a wedding into the event without deviating too much from the timeless elements that never go out of style.  
  • Whimsical – With bright colours and mismatched music, this theme is an opportunity to go buck wild with your decorating and bring in creative touches into your wedding. Why not – after all, your wedding, your rules.  


Music and dance are often called the ‘language of love’. During your wedding ensure that everyone has a great time by creating your own playlist for the evening, with some fantastic songs to act as background music during the wedding meal and a later playlist with some upbeat tracks to get everyone enjoying themselves on the dance floor. If you are a decent musician or singer yourself, you can always take to the stage yourself to perform a song and kick off the dancing for the evening.  

No matter what genre you prefer, creating a wedding playlist filled with songs you love (and even offering to share the playlist on a CD with guests) is a wonderful memento of the evening that you can treasure for years to come.  


The clothes worn by the wedding party are a fantastic way to make a statement, with non-traditional colours or textures making a wedding very interesting. While traditionally the bride wears white, bringing in embroidery, cream or blush colours, or even a patterned fabric, can be a fantastic way to put a more original spin on your wedding dress without going too far out of the box. If you are going for a less formal event, then you can even do away with white all together.  

When inviting guests to the wedding make sure you include details such as how formal the event is and how formal the dress is expected to be. If there is a theme that can be carried through on what the guests are wearing, then advance notice will help ensure your guests can find a dress or suit that fits the theme.  


Décor can act as a wonderful medium to add some personal touches to your function room. Most function rooms and wedding venues have fairly neutral tones used for the building and furniture, so the décor selected by the marrying couple can add the personal touches that will make their wedding unique to them.  

  • Flowers – Selecting a range of colours for your floral decorations, or even choosing a favourite bloom such as hyacinths or roses around which to centre your floral decorations, can be a fantastic way to give your décor a personal touch. If you want to go further you can look into the language of flowers to ensure your wedding bouquet truly makes a statement.  
  • Colour scheme – When planning your colour scheme, think of your theme and the colours that will work well with the venue you have chosen. Staying seasonal can be a good way to create an interesting look, with autumn earth tones, green, red and gold for winter and pastel colours for spring and summer weddings. 
  • Cake – Your wedding cake is a part of the wedding that everyone will look forward to (especially if your guests are bringing younger family members with them). Bringing in your favourite flavours can be a great way to make your wedding cake special. If you want to add some personal touches, you can always have a small wedding cake with other desserts on offer such as cupcakes for smaller children, or a family favourite you want to pay homage to like apple pie.  
  • Indoors or Outdoors – While having your ceremony outdoors is a beautiful (and romantic) setting in which to say your vows, holding your ceremony outdoors is only feasible during the spring or summer, at least in the UK, as inclement weather becomes too much of a possibility during winter and autumn. This said, an outdoor ceremony can be a wonderful way to enjoy the Salomons Estate grounds as part of your wedding.  

If you are planning a wedding with Salomons Estate, then please contact us here. Our professional staff will be delighted to help you plan a wedding event that will reflect your wishes and delight your guests.