Why Choose A Summer Wedding

Christmas crackers on the table.

With lockdown finally over and the beautiful summer season coming up soon, there are many couples taking the chance to plan their nuptials this year. Summer is a lovely season, with all the flowers in full bloom, incredible sunny weather and a feeling of ease and relaxation that is difficult to find at other points in the year. All these factors have made the summer an incredibly popular time to hold a wedding, with venues hosting far more weddings in the summer than any other season.  

But why do so many people choose a summer wedding, and should you do the same? When you picture a wedding, often the first thought is of a sunny terrace, or a beautiful venue decorated with summer flowers. In terms of schedule the summer is the most sensible choice for a wedding, with many able to take time off from work to attend and a much higher chance of lovely summer sun throughout your ceremony.  


As with any wedding, when you are planning your event it is crucial that you carefully consider what you want from your venue. Different venues will offer completely different styles, décor and menu. While going to visit a range of different venues is the best way to find out which one will be perfect for you, it is very important to have an idea of what your wedding will look like before you book the venue, in order to streamline your options.  

  • Outdoor Space When selecting a venue for a summer wedding, consider whether your venue has an outdoor space. If the venue has space for a marquee, or a terrace on which to hold your ceremony, then you have the option to be outside in the warm summer air to enjoy the heat. Salomons Estate offer a large and well-managed garden space for weddings and events, with plenty of opportunities for our guests to create photo opportunities.  
  • Venue – With a rich and interesting venue, with rooms including the Theatre Room and unique features such as the Salomons Estate Gold Room for more intimate functions, there is plenty for us to offer you in terms of a canvas for you to decorate. Whether you decide to create elaborate floral arrangements to decorate the space, or are interested in creating something different, our staff will be happy to help you create the wedding of your dreams.  
  • Ceremony – While the reception for your wedding will be held indoors at Salomons Estate, during the summer months many of our wedding planners will arrange to have the ceremony held on the terrace overlooking the garden space. The brilliant outdoor space comes into its own in the summer, offering a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the summer sun throughout your wedding ceremony.  
  • Bar – Will you be serving alcohol at an open bar for your wedding or will you have a different arrangement? Summer offers a fantastic opportunity for fruit-filled drinks such as Pimms or Sangria, or summer cocktails like a tequila sunrise. Be creative and consider what you want served and how it will mesh with the overall theme of your wedding.  
  • Menu – When planning a wedding, arranging your menu can help ensure your guests have a fantastic time at your wedding and thoroughly enjoy the event. Most venues will have a set menu for events that you can tweak if you need to, for example if you have guests who requires a vegan meal or a gluten free option. Arranging to look over or try the separate dishes for the wedding can be a great way to customise your menu to fit your event.  

Summer Décor

When planning a summer wedding it is important to consider what your venue and location have given you to work with. Salomons Estate not only have extensive grounds and a terrace, perfect for a wedding ceremony to take place, but also many options for decorating your venue. Most wedding planners opt for floral décor with a range of blooms to cover the tables, ceremony space and the dancefloor. There is a range of tried and tested options for summer décor; here are a few themes that will work beautifully on a lovely summer’s day:  

  • Rustic – A rustic wedding gives you the opportunity to be creative, with homemade decorations and a more relaxed feel to the event. Take some cues from a vineyard or a French villa set in the countryside. A more rustic event can be great fun and give your wedding a homelier feel.  
  • Vegan – Both the vegan lifestyle and sustainable choices are becoming more and more popular, and introducing aspects of either into your wedding can be a fantastic spin on your theme. Even if you don’t want a completely vegan wedding, having a vegan option for each course will incorporate veganism into the wedding.  
  • Close to Nature – Summer is all about the time we spend outdoors, with lush floral bouquets and plenty of work spent decorating the venue to bring the outdoors inside. With beautiful grounds surrounding the estate, arranging for your ceremony to be held on the terrace can help you to enjoy the incredible summer foliage.  
  • Classic – A classic wedding often involves bringing together traditional elements such as floral decorations in classic wedding colours such as white and pastel. More traditional music and menu choices can also be a great way to ensure your wedding fits this theme.  
  • Bohemian – A whimsical choice perfect for a summer celebration. Known for floaty fabrics, floral designs and a more relaxed and joyful atmosphere, a bohemian themed wedding could be the perfect choice for you if you aren’t intending to plan a calmer event.  

If you are considering contacting Salomons Estate in order to consider us as a wedding venue for your own summer wedding, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to help you plan your event and help you arrange a wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life.