Why Book An Easter Staycation?

Christmas crackers on the table.

With international travel still heavily restricted, most holidaymakers this Easter are choosing to staycation in the UK. With the spring sunshine making the most of our outdoor spaces, there are plenty of areas in the UK which will be exciting to explore. Whether you take a short weekend break away as a couple or plan a week away with your whole family, Easter can offer a wide variety of experiences for the whole family. Many museums, landmarks and gardens will have Easter activities going on that you can explore while you visit. Whether you want to stay in town and enjoy a luxurious hotel break or head out for an adventurous camping trip, the spring break can offer you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy your time away.  

Kent is known as ‘the Garden of England’ due to the proliferation of hop farms and the picturesque pastoral landscape. With a wide variety of incredible places to visit nearby, such as the South Downs, an area of outstanding natural beauty in neighbouring East Sussex, Kent can offer a lot to visitors here to celebrate Easter. Salomons Estate is situated in Tunbridge Wells in the heart of Kent. This incredible venue has a range of activities and accommodation options to offer anyone coming on a staycation to Kent. 

Why A Staycation?

Choosing to stay in the UK for your holiday can offer you a lot of options that international travel can’t. Here are a few great reasons to staycation this Easter with your family.  

  • Expenses – when travelling abroad, the cost of flights, hiring a car or booking a guide to help you get around when you don’t know the language, means that often international holidays require a much higher budget. Staycations within the UK often mean a lower cost overall.  
  • No Language Barrier – Many countries do have quite a few english speakers, especially in tourist areas. However, this isn’t always the case, and communicating can be difficult. Being able to chat to locals and your accommodation providers can be great, as they will know the local area and perhaps point you in the direction of a good day out or a local historic site that you can explore together.  
  • Pets – While bringing your pets with you on holidays abroad can be a costly and rather difficult process to manage, you can bring your pets to many hotel venues in the UK with far fewer problems. Here at Salomons Estate we are very dog friendly, both in the Cottage and the Gate House. These two beautiful holiday homes have a garden, and space for the whole family to stay. To find out more follow this link to enquire.   
  • Less Travel Time – Whether you choose to drive or take the train to reach your destination, travelling within the country takes a lot less time than a flight. Travelling with young children or pets can be hard, so cutting down travel time as much as possible can help you have a more relaxing holiday this Easter.  
  • Easier to Plan – Staycations take a lot less planning than an international holiday, especially with many countries still enforcing strict Covid testing and quarantine rules for international travellers. By contrast, planning a staycation takes relatively little effort as all there is to arrange is booking where you will be staying and travelling to the site.  
  • Local History – While many seem to forget local history as a motivator, the UK has a fascinating history and many incredibly well-preserved sites that you can visit while on staycation, from Roman baths to castles or iron age settlements.  
  • Cuisine – From local pubs and craft breweries to brilliant local produce, there are a lot of exciting opportunities to enjoy the local cuisine while on staycation. Here at Salomons Estate we offer some lovely dining opportunities for our guests. To book a private meal at our venue follow the link here.  

Meet Up

The great advantage of an Easter staycation is that it offers an opportunity for you to get together with extended family of friends, or even book a group holiday together. It can be difficult to get together with extended family and friends, especially over the past few years when Covid restrictions have made meeting in person far more difficult to manage. With restrictions easing completely, this Easter offers a golden opportunity to spend time with friends and family who live a distance away.  

If you want to plan a group holiday, then finding an area located at the midpoint between you can help cut down on travel time and maximize your time together. Easter is a fantastic time for young children, with the excitement of Easter egg hunts and good weather for playing outside in.  


Easter is one of the biggest festivals in the Christian calendar, with a series of traditional activities that people around the world participate in. There are many activities that you can arrange for your Easter staycation. If you are organising your holiday and would like to organise a fun family activity, here are a few ideas that you can consider.  

Afternoon Tea 

A wonderful British tradition an afternoon tea is a wonderfully relaxed way to celebrate your Easter. Each afternoon tea comes with a selection of delectable sweet treats, sandwiches and scones. These lovely bites are perfect for a mid-afternoon nibble as you catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while.  

Sunday Roast  

What better way to celebrate your Easter holiday than a Sunday roast together? A roast is a family favourite around the country, with many serving a roast as a part of an Easter celebration each year. Here at Salomons Estate we have a range of private dining options available for our guests in our beautiful function rooms.   

Easter Egg Hunt  

If you have young children, then organising a chocolate egg hunt for Easter is a must. The fun of running around in the spring sunshine to find a wide variety of treats is a great experience. For adults looking to have a fantastic Easter, booking a chocolate making class can be a brilliant experience.  

If you are considering planning an Easter staycation at our Salomons Estate, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to discuss what Salomons Estate can offer you this Easter.