Wedding Food Ideas For 2021

Wedding food ideas for 2021

Remember when wedding food used to be a three-course sit-down meal followed by a buffet later in the evening? Well, things have moved on from then.

Today, brides are taking less of a one-size-fits-all approach to their wedding menu planning and taking the plunge with some creative catering, although we still don’t quite know how weddings will look in 2021 and beyond in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Foodie culture is big news and couples are keen to create an exquisite food experience that offers guests food that is fun, interesting, locally sourced and absolutely delicious. No pressure, then…

Planning a wedding menu in 2021

If you’re planning a wedding in 2021, the amount of decisions you need to make can feel overwhelming. Not only are you looking for your perfect wedding venue, you also need to buy a dress, book a DJ, and write your vows. There’s enough going on even before you start to think about food.

Luckily, if you’re looking for something that isn’t a three-course wedding breakfast, there are plenty of wedding food trends to give you some much-needed culinary inspiration.

Here are some recent food trends that are helping couples shake up their wedding menus and can make their 2021 wedding menu more personal.

We will have to wait and see what 2021 will bring and whether buffet style dining arrangements will be allowed so some of these suggestions sadly may not be possible but they are great options if allowed!


Natalie Portman, Ellie Goulding, Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus all went vegan with their wedding day meus. And they are not the only ones. Veganism is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s little surprise that couples are planning either entirely plant-based menus for their big day, or offering their guests vegan options. Good for your guests and good for the planet.

Farm-to-table and organic

More of us are taking notice of where our food comes from and choosing to eat an organic, ethically-sourced diet. A growing number of couples are looking for in-season, fresh food to offer their guests, keen to create the best farm-to-table experience possible. Some couples are choosing to incorporate their own homegrown produce – such as vegetables, eggs and dairy products – into their wedding menus. Seasonality is another big aspect in this trend, so design your menu based on what’s in season that month.

Grazing table

What better way to celebrate with friends and family on your wedding day than with a communal feast? Not only does it encourage guests to be more sociable, it also allows you to offer a range of different foods that cater to all tastes. A grazing table can include meats, antipasti, dips, cheese and crackers, quiches, pizza slices and more – the possibilities are endless. Why not join the trend and give the humble buffet a shakeup to create a grazing table that will satisfy everyone – from the biggest of appetites to the pickiest of eaters.

West African cuisine

Food trends move around the globe and many food bloggers felt West African cuisine would be one of the big food trends for 2020. People are often interested by food they haven’t tasted before and traditional West African flavours are popping up everywhere – including at weddings. The food of West Africa is full of delicious flavours and ingredients such as moringa, tamarind, millet and teff. Intrigued? It might be the wedding day menu inspiration you were looking for.

Nostalgic foods

Another popular wedding food trend in 2021 will transport guests straight back to their childhood. Couples are getting nostalgic in their choice of wedding day food, with many opting to serve cheese toasties, bowls of tomato soup and candy floss. Who knows where this trend for nostalgic wedding food will end? Perhaps we’ll see Findus crispy pancakes, Alphabetti Spaghetti and Arctic rolls popping up on wedding menus next year!

Next level of street food

We’ve seen a real boom in the popularity of street food with lots of stalls, cafes and restaurants serving this simple, but tasty fare. Couples are taking these humble street food dishes and elevating them to new, delicious heights. From chaat and dosa to pulled pork and tacos, the street food revolution has made its way to wedding day menus. Whether you serve it in paper wraps on a tray or from a street food van, this is a wonderfully relaxed way to feed guests. And if you do book a food truck, you are also supporting a local business. Win, win.

Bowl food

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Meghan and Harry served bowl food at their 2018 wedding (no sorry, it has a lot to do with that), but this is one wedding food trend that was seriously picking up pace as we moved into 2020 and (depending on the Coronavirus Pandemic situation) is likely to continue being a wedding trend for 2021. Bowl food allows couples to serve lighter, healthier dishes such as sushi, falafel and noodles. It also means that a wide range of dietary needs are catered to so that guests can choose the food that works for them.

Fancy puds

Sweet-toothed couples are keen to ensure desserts are getting the attention they deserve on their big day. In 2018 doughnuts were doing the wedding menu rounds, in 2019 cinnamon rolls took centre stage and 2020 saw talk of the Sgroppino station. An idea that originated in Venice, it crosses a Champagne cocktail with a dessert. The result can be anything from an espresso martini tiramisu to a tequila sunrise orange sorbet. Seriously. What’s not to like? You can also include child-friendly versions – we’re thinking a doughnut-topped milkshake. Get ready for plenty of dance floor knee slides followed by the sugar crash!

Bespoke drinks

Why serve your guests run-of-the-mill gin and tonics when you can offer them a more bespoke bevvy from the bar? 2021 will see the continuing rise of make-your-own and help-yourself gin stations. They give guests the chance to choose their own mixers and add more than ice and a slice to their drinks (think raspberries, pink grapefruit, peppercorns and cinnamon sticks – perhaps not all in one glass). Talking of drinks, don’t make the mistake of stocking up on Champers for your big-day toast. These days, crémant, prosecco and cava are the bubbly toasting drinks of choice (and they are far more affordable).

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