Family Fun This Easter

Christmas crackers on the table.

Easter is a wonderful holiday, with the spring sunshine allowing for a range of outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. With the Easter bunny leaving sweets out for children to hunt down on Easter morning, and many other fun activities for younger members of the family, there is a wide choice of outings that will be a great experience for young children as well as adults. 

This post will discuss some wonderful ways to enjoy the spring this year, with a range of family friendly activities to organise for Easter.  

What is Easter?

Easter is a worldwide celebration that is one of the most important festivals on the church calendar, with a series of events such as Lent and Good Friday dedicated to the Bible story of the resurrection of Christ. Easter Sunday marks the day of Jesus’ resurrection, hence the egg symbolism as they represent the celebration of new life.  

In the UK, common traditional Easter celebrations include serving a lamb roast, planning an Easter egg hunt, maypole dancing and baking treats like Simnel cake or hot cross buns. Many will attend church services on Easter Sunday as well.  

Family Activities

Here at Salomons Estate we have extensive gardens and grounds that are perfect for a family trip, whether you are planning a private dining experience for the family or to participate in our Easter egg hunt in our extensive grounds.  

Here are ten fantastic Easter activities to enjoy as a family this year: 

  1. Roast Dinner – A beautifully cooked roast dinner (typically lamb) is an Easter Sunday staple for families across the UK. A roast with all the trimmings can be a very complicated dish if you are cooking at home, with many families choosing to book a dinner at a venue so they can invite family and friends to dine alongside them without the logistical challenge of the amount of space you have at home.
  1. Easter Egg Hunt – A classic Easter activity, hunting for treats left throughout the garden by the Easter bunny is a fantastic treat for children to enjoy. The prospect is often anticipated for weeks before the actual event. Here at Salomons Estate we have extensive grounds to explore, a perfect setting for this year’s Easter egg hunt. To learn more please follow the link here.
  1. Bird Watching – With migrating birds heading back to the UK to nest, there are various birds to look out for in Kent and Sussex, a perfect activity for a short outdoors jaunt with your children. Other animals, such as badgers, deer, foxes and farm animals will also have babies at this point in the season, so keeping an eye out can offer a glimpse of these beautiful animals in the wild.
  1. Arts & Crafts – There are plenty of arts and crafts that can be organised for your Easter celebration, from creating Easter cards for family and friends at home to booking a pottery workshop to enjoy together. Making something together can be a calming and enjoyable experience to enjoy together and can be a wonderful way to help young kids unwind after an exciting day.
  1. Afternoon Tea – Afternoon tea is a wonderful way to spend your Easter, with some wonderful light spring desserts and a selection of different sandwiches, along with scones and jam. We serve a choice of tea or coffee, as well as juice for any children who are enjoying the afternoon tea with you. Here at Salomons Estate the elegant décor of the venue, along with the beautiful gardens, make the perfect setting for a lovely afternoon tea. Learn more about our afternoon teas.
  1. Hike – With the warm weather making a hike outdoors a far more exciting prospect there are many exciting trails around Kent and Sussex to explore. With many routes passing close by Tunbridge Wells or through the town, you can have a quick stop for lunch while en route.
  1. Explore Tunbridge Wells – The beautiful town of Tunbridge Wells has a range of attractions to visit, including the incredible Victorian Pantiles, a range of shops and restaurants as well as some beautiful options for an Easter trip outside. If you are planning a day out in Tunbridge Wells, then consider booking a week or so before for a meal at lunchtime on Easter Sunday. Easter can be busy, so many restaurants may not have space for walk in customers.
  1. Private Party –  Organising a private dining party for your Easter can give you a wonderful and individual experience for your family Easter get together, while minimising the stress of cooking a meal for everyone invited. Here at Salomons Estate we have a range of opportunities for private dining. Learn more about what we have to offer.
  1. Picnic – A picnic is a fantastic way to enjoy your Easter Sunday as well as the beautiful spring sunshine. Finishing up your Easter egg hunt with a packed lunch on a picnic blanket is a wonderful way to enjoy your afternoon. Picnics don’t require a lot of planning or preparation, but are a wonderful event that can be a perfect treat for the whole family.
  1. Visit Family & Friends – Easter holidays give children across the UK a holiday away from school, making Easter the perfect opportunity for family and friends to meet up for their Easter celebrations and spend the time together. If you are planning a get together, then arranging for a private dining space can ensure there is more opportunity to catch up with your family over your meal.

If you are considering booking an Easter activity with us at Salomons Estate, then please contact us here. Our staff will be delighted to discuss what we have to offer you in order to organise a spectacular Easter Sunday this year.