Celebrating The Platinum Jubilee

Christmas crackers on the table.

This year, Her Majesty the Queen celebrates a Platinum Jubilee after reigning as Queen for 70 years. As the first British monarch to reach this milestone this is an event with a lot of public excitement, with street parties and events being held across the UK. Crowned on the 2nd of June in 1953, Queen Elizabeth has acted as the UK’s head of state throughout some of the most tumultuous times in history. In order to commemorate the event, both the second and third of June will be bank holidays, creating a four-day weekend for most of the country to participate in and enjoy.  

We all celebrate events in our own way, but the with the beautiful weather predicted for the bulk of the Jubilee celebrations many will be heading outdoors to enjoy the brilliant sunny weather. With street parties, along with other commemorative events such as picnics, fetes and afternoon teas, many will be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting an activity to enjoy during the jubilee.  

What is a Jubilee?  

Historically, a Royal Jubilee is a celebration of a significant point in a monarch’s reign. Due to many taking on the throne later in life, very few British monarchs have ruled for 50 years and reached their golden Jubilee, with the first to commemorate this achievement in a significant way being King George the Third, who celebrated with a fireworks display and a grand fete. Celebrating significant periods in a monarch’s reign are fantastic opportunities for fun, with many taking the time during the Jubilee to look over historic events that have occurred during the Queen’s reign.  


With the summer weather heating up, many are enjoying the outdoors with a barbeque with friends, or a daily hike around their local area. However, celebrating the first Platinum Jubilee in the UK calls for something a little special. There are many activities available in Tunbridge Wells that will offer a fantastic way to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  

Here are a few ideas for you to consider booking for your June bank holiday: 

  • Picnic  

With beautiful weather predicted for the Jubilee, come to Salomons Estate to participate in our Platinum Jubilee picnic, held in our estate’s 36 acre well maintained garden and woodlands. We are offering picnics for adults and children, prepared by our chefs, to be picked up from our main building before heading out to our lawn space to eat. The terrace bar will be serving drinks throughout the picnic, with a range of both alcoholic and soft drinks available.  

Along with our picnic we are arranging a range of children’s activities, including a scavenger’s hunt, table tennis and other fun activities. To learn more about our Platinum Jubilee picnic then please follow the link here.  

  • Afternoon Tea  

What better way to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee than by having a lovely afternoon tea overlooking the terrace and gardens? With a range of finger sandwiches, scones with cream and small expertly prepared desserts, an afternoon tea can be a perfect way to celebrate a sunny afternoon. Our afternoon teas are served every Wednesday and Friday and can be served with either prosecco or champagne. Learn more about our afternoon teas.

  • Roast Dinner  

A roast dinner is the perfect way to celebrate a Jubilee, with the most classic of all British dishes. Here at Salomons Estate, enjoy your roast dinner as you look out across our beautiful gardens while seated in a gorgeous dining room. Our menu has a range of dishes for those with differing tastes and preferences. If you or a member of your party has specific dietary requirements, let us know before you arrive so we can be sure that we can cater for your specifications. To learn more about Sunday lunch at Salomons Estate in Tunbridge Wells, please follow the link here.  

  • Street Party  

Across the country neighbours and communities are coming together to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, with the streets festooned in flags and tables set out with a range of baked treats and nibbles –  perhaps, if you have a particularly keen baker in attendance, along with the official Platinum Jubilee dessert, a lemon Swiss roll and amoretti trifle. If you live a good distance from an arranged street party, you can always plan one yourself with your friends and neighbours.  

  • Attend the Parade  

In order to celebrate both the Platinum Jubilee and the Queen’s birthday there will be Trooping the Colour taking place in London, with the parade starting from Buckingham Palace and winding its way through the streets. The parade will involve 1400 soldiers, 400 musicians and 400 horses, in what promises to be a fantastic event.  

  • Jubilee Beacons 

In order to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee, beacons will be lit across the UK, and on the Isle of Man as well as other overseas territories. The lighting of the beacons is a historic tradition that is also seen at weddings and coronations. While the origin of lighting the beacons was to warn the local people of an impending threat, they are often now used to mark a celebration or event. The atmosphere when the beacons are lit is often electric.  

  • Staycation  

With the extra days of bank holiday arranged to give most people working in the UK a few extra days off from work, make sure that you make the most of your time with a staycation. Kent and Sussex have a range of incredible towns and landscapes to explore. Here at Salomons Estate we offer accommodation in the Cottage, the Gatehouse and in a range of beautifully appointed rooms in the Salomons Estate main building. To learn more about a stay at Salomons Estate, please follow the link here.  

If you are planning on attending our Platinum Jubilee picnic to celebrate, please contact us here. Out staff will be happy to discuss what we are planning for the event and what we can do to help you plan a fantastic weekend.  

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