Activities To Arrange For Valentine’s Day

Christmas crackers on the table.

Celebrated around the world on February the 14th,Valentine’s Day is considered the day of romance and love. Couples will give each other gifts and organise outings to celebrate their romance. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to enjoy what your local area has to offer with your partner, whether you are exploring the romantic walks in your area or sampling some incredible British cuisine. 

While planning something unique for your Valentine’s Day, such as an incredible walk through the South Downs, can be a wonderful experience, often the best possible gift for Valentine’s Day is time together. With the combination of work, your kids, and even lockdown if you are staying in separate houses, it can seem far more difficult than it should be to spend time together. Taking time off from work to enjoy each other’s company or arrange an activity to try together can help you make the most of your Valentine’s holiday. The vast majority of modern couples are increasingly busy, and finding enough time to spend together is a concern. Creating time for yourself and your partner is an important part of celebrating Valentine’s Day.   


Taking a long walk on the beach, or indeed through the hills and forests, is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Whether you are heading off for a long and arduous walk through your local area or planning on a quick stroll and a picnic, spending time together with a special someone in an area of natural beauty is a fantastic experience. There are many walks with incredible views and resting spots for picnics that you can explore during your Valentine’s Day.  

Kent and Sussex have an abundance of castles and manor grounds that are open for visitors to explore and enjoy. The architecture and beautifully maintained grounds found around Tunbridge Wells often make visitors feel as if they have strolled straight into a storybook – perfect for a Valentine’s Day date.   

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea offers an intimate and elegant atmosphere, with a range of delicious treats that can be served with prosecco or champagne. Afternoon tea can be the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise. Valentine’s Day is heavily associated with sweet treats which are often a big part of romance. Chocolates, cakes and other treats are frequently given to a partner as a romantic gesture.  

Here at our beautiful Tunbridge Wells estate we offer traditional afternoon teas to our guests. With incredible views and a lovely range of sandwiches, cakes and scones served with either tea or coffee, our afternoon teas couldn’t be more perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration. If you want to know more about our afternoon teas, then please follow the link here for more information.  

Day Trip

Taking a trip around your local town to discover what is on offer is a great way to spend time together while getting to know your local area. Acting as a tourist in your own local area can be an eye opener; villages and towns that you usually drive through or explore on the way to another location can have wonderful local shops and cafes to enjoy. A day trip can give you more flexibility on how you spend your time. With no booked appointments, you and your partner will be able to spend your time as you please, with a leisurely lunch and a wander around.  

While booking ahead and creating a structured plan for your day can be reassuring, going with the flow can lead to a surprisingly wonderful day.  

Roast Dinners 

A roast dinner can be a perfect way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. A roast dinner is a British favourite, and served with delicious desserts they are a fantastic choice for your Valentine’s Day. Roast dinners are for many a warm and comforting taste of home, perfect for a relaxed Sunday lunch. Whether you cook a roast dinner at home for the family, or decide to head out to a restaurant, a roast dinner can be a great meal to enjoy together. 

Here at Salomons Estate in Tunbridge Wells we serve fantastic roast dinners to our guests. With a variety of side dishes as well as vegetarian options, there are dishes for everyone.  If you are interested in pursuing our menu, then please follow the link here to see our fantastic roast dinners. 


Booking a weekend away to enjoy time to yourselves as a couple is a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday of love. With international travel heavily regulated, staycations are becoming increasingly popular. Spending your holiday time on a staycation in the UK can be very exciting, with a wide range of national parks, beautiful towns and fantastic accommodation options to explore.   

Whether you choose to take your partner camping for the weekend or for a luxurious hotel stay, spending time together away from home is a great way to decompress and enjoy each other’s company.   


Dancing is said to be the language of love for a reason. Dancing, whether at the club or learning ballroom dancing at a workshop, is a great activity to try. Not many learn traditional dances by rote anymore, but booking a class for some pointers and then heading out to try out your new moves is a wonderful way to build your relationship. Dancing is a lot of hard work and can certainly act as a workout. If you enjoy your dance class, making it a regular time to learn with your significant other is a good way to spend shared time and bond through your new hobby.  


While a romantic dinner out is a classic romantic end to the day, planning a Valentine’s Day brunch can also be a great way to kick off your day. With a wide range of options, from a simple late breakfast at a café to a more elaborate meal out with champagne, brunch is a fantastic way to start your Valentine’s Day on a high note.  

Breakfast food is delicious and filling – if you are planning a romantic afternoon walk, then fuelling your day with a fantastic plate of pancakes is a must.  

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day celebration, then contact us here at Salomons Estate. Our team has created a range of fantastic Valentine’s Day treats for our guests to enjoy – follow the link here to learn more.  

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