Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2022

Christmas crackers on the table.

Valentine’s is an internationally enjoyed festival, with couples around the world celebrating the 14th of February in a variety of ways. Valentine’s is a celebration of romantic love, with many ways for couples to celebrate. The Valentine’s holiday dates back to the Roman Empire as the practice of the pagan festival Lupercalia (a celebration of fertility and the God of Agriculture, Faunas) was superseded by the Christian festival of St Valentine. St Valentine was a priest executed on the 14th of February for secretly officiating at weddings for Roman soldiers against the wishes of the Emperor.  

From buying a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates for your beloved, to booking a weekend break, there are many different ways to show that you love your partner. Here is a list of ideas for a fantastic Valentine’s Day 2022.

Wine and Dine

Dinner with wine is a romantic staple, along with flowers and chocolates. If you are unsure of what to do to treat your partner, then sticking with the traditional favourites is a good idea. Going for dinner or lunch at a restaurant for a Valentine’s Day date can give you a wonderful evening, or, if you are looking for a less formal way to celebrate our traditional afternoon teas are a perfect Valentines treat. If you are considering booking a table at a restaurant for your Valentine’s celebration, then be sure to book well ahead of the day as Valentine’s is an especially busy part of the year for restaurants. Even restaurants that do not accept bookings will likely have a waiting line to get a table in the restaurant.   

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Cocktail Evening  

Visiting a cocktail or wine bar for your Valentine’s Day treat can create a fantastically relaxed and romantic atmosphere. With many cocktails to choose from, as well as nibbles, a bar offers a great choice for conversation and glamour. If you do not drink alcoholic drinks we have a selection of soft drinks and mocktails for you to try. 

If you are looking for something a little more interactive, booking a cocktail making class can be a lot of fun and can teach you a few tricks for making fantastic drinks at home.  

Sunday lunch

This year Valentine’s Day lands on Monday. If you want to enjoy the festival over the weekend rather than on a weekday, then booking a delicious roast dinner in Tunbridge Wells to share with your significant other can be a great experience. Roast dinner is a British classic, and spending your Sunday together as a couple can be very romantic. Parking at your lunch venue and then taking a walk about town to work up an appetite before your meal is a truly brilliant way to spend your Valentine’s weekend.  

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Staycation Weekend

Booking a long weekend holiday away for your Valentine’s Day treat can act as the perfect escape from the daily grind. There are many experiences that you can try while on a weekend break, from a camping adventure to a relaxing hotel break. Finding a staycation that will be perfect for you can take some time, so make sure to start looking well ahead of the Valentine’s holiday. Valentine’s weekend is a very busy time, so booking early will help ensure you aren’t disappointed.  

Here at Salomons Estate we offer a range of accommodation services, along with dining opportunities such as a traditional afternoon tea or roast dinner on our estate.  


The Kent and Sussex area has some truly fantastic walks and hikes to explore and enjoy. In the beautiful spring weather, Valentine’s Day can be a great time to head out to explore the area and have a ramble. With many walks of varying amounts of difficulty, bringing the things you need for a romantic picnic in the outdoors can be a wonderful way to spend time together with your partner.  

If you are interested in a more substantial meal, then there are plenty of routes that pass by villages and towns where you can stop for your lunch before moving on.  

Tasting Session

Tasting sessions can be a lot of fun, whether you are tasting wine, cheese or coffee. Tasting sessions are often set up to coincide with Valentine’s Day and can create opportunities for couples to explore their interests and try new things.  

Tasting sessions are very popular as Valentine’s Day treats, as they offer an informative and fun experience during the evening, often with a dinner afterwards. There is a wide variety of tasting sessions to choose from, with gin, chocolate and wine tastings making a perfect experience to enjoy with your partner.  


There are many classes that you can book for your Valentine’s Day, from pottery and cooking classes to a horse riding trip. Whether you are learning something new or working on an older hobby that is a passion project for the both of you, taking the time to enjoy an activity together can help make your Valentine’s celebration a great experience.  

If you really enjoy the class, you can always make it a regular event for you and your partner. Having a shared hobby can give you more time together in your day to day lives.  

If you are currently booking a Valentine’s Day surprise, then please contact us here. Salomons Estate is providing a range of Valentine’s Day services for our visitors to discover. Our wonderful staff will be delighted to discuss our Valentine’s Day offers with you.