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Christmas is coming, and Christmas is always an extremely popular and busy time of the year for engagements. Here at Salomons Estate, we know how nerve wracking a big occasion can be, and the jitters don’t get much worse than when making a marriage proposal. But have no fear, we’ve got it covered. Whether cute and simple or super unique we’ve got ideas here to inspire you. From a romantic meal in a Tunbridge Wells restaurant to jetting off to foreign climes you’ll be sure to find a proposal idea that truly captures the essence of your relationship… and guarantees a ‘yes’.

Here are some of our favourites – although some of these may be best suited to 2021 when (hopefully) there will be more freedom for travel and socialising out and about!

A very public proposal

For those who like grand gestures, a public proposal is the only way to do it. If a favourite band is playing or a movie they love is showing, take the opportunity to get close and present the ring at an opportune moment. Who knows you might even be able to convince the venue manager to let you get on stage in a truly show-stopping moment? Or maybe even ask the act or band playing to help you make the announcement?

If you’re worried about all the distractions, you could always do something with just the two of you. Maybe a walk in their favourite park or another place that has personal significance. Once you’re there, ask a passerby to take a picture of you both. But rather than posing, drop down on one knee and utter those immortal words!

Jet-off on an adventure

One of the best places to propose is on holiday. Whether you’ve got a favourite destination in mind or a place they’ve always dreamed of visiting, book a romantic getaway for two. What do they love doing? Watching the sunrise over a snow-capped mountain? Relaxing with a picnic on a secluded beach? Or seeing their favourite painting in the flesh? You’ll be sure to find the perfect spot.

If you’re going abroad, be sure to keep the ring safe in your hand luggage. We don’t want any travel disasters!

Home is where the heart is

Marriage proposals don’t have to involve the big gesture. The at-home proposal is a wonderful idea, particularly if time or budget is a factor and with the current Covid-19 Pandemic causing travel chaos, this has become even more popular. Fill a room with balloons, flowers and your favourite photos from your relationship. A cute idea is to spell out the big question using fridge magnets or even using glow in the dark stars on the ceiling (be sure to leave the lights on for a while beforehand).

Tech lovers

If you love your gadgets and social media almost as much as your partner, a techie proposal is for you. From updating your social media profile to ‘fiance’ to creating a live-stream channel for your marriage proposal, choose something that’ll really attract those ‘likes’. You could even add a song to their Spotify playlist – Marry You by Bruno Mars or Better Together by Jack Johnson are personal favourites!

The food of love

If you’re a foodie couple, why not work your proposal into a romantic meal for two? Why not ask the chef here at Salomons to spell out your question in chocolate sauce? You could recreate your first date, one course at a time. As you talk about all the wonderful things you’ve done together, you can get down on one knee and find out if they’d like to spend forever doing more!

Our wonderful team here at Salomons are used to organising proposals, both in the house and in the beautiful gardens. Call us for a chat – we promise to keep the secret!

Make it work

With our busy modern lives we can sometimes find it hard to get away from the office. A fun idea is to sneak into your partner’s work in the morning and set up a proposal for when they arrive. Or what better start to a cold icy winter’s morning than to scrape your marriage proposal into the ice on their windscreen. Having a steaming pot of coffee and delicious pastries on hand is also a nice touch when they run back in to say yes!

Fun and games

Laughter is a great way to create memories together and there are lots of fun ideas you can use. Have yourself delivered to your intended fiancee’s doorstep or hide a ring in a Kinder Surprise. If you’re movie buffs then reenact a romantic scene from your favourite movie proposal and make your own real-life proposal just as memorable as a big-screen engagement moment.

If you’re feeling really brave why not try Adam Sandler’s proposal in The Wedding Singer. Don’t forget your guitar and white suit!

Summertime love

The changing seasons are perfect to incorporate into your wedding proposal, that way whenever the season rolls around again it’ll remind you both of that special moment. When the weather warms up, hike out to the ideal picnic spot (nearby Bewl Water has many) or take a road trip to one of the gorgeous country pubs in Kent. If it’s Easter why not go on a fun Easter hunt – just remember where you’ve hidden the ‘special’ egg!

Wrap up warm

As the weather turns colder, visiting a Tunbridge Wells restaurant is a wonderful way to cosy up. Areas like The Pantiles are stunning at this time of year with their twinkling lights complementing anything else sparkly! Our restaurant team at Salomons Estate specialises in producing locally sourced and seasonal fare to warm you up after a day’s shopping and sightseeing.

Set in the glorious countryside our Tunbridge Wells restaurant uses only the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients sourced from the local area. Whether you’re looking for a delicious dinner, a Sunday lunch with the family or an afternoon tea all dining options are covered. And when you’ve finished your meal why not take a romantic walk through our 36 acres of rolling gardens, parkland and woods? Not to mention our stunning Victorian mansion.

Weddings at Salomons Estate

If the proposal at our Tunbridge Wells hotel goes well, why not make us your wedding venue, too? Our expert team has experience of creating beautiful big days on a range of budgets. Let us help bring your big day dreams to life.

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