Organising A Corporate Party This Summer

Christmas crackers on the table.

With Covid restrictions coming to an end, corporate events held in person, rather than on zoom, are finally making a comeback. Corporate parties can be fantastic fun and are organised for a variety of reasons such at networking, introducing new team members to their colleagues in a non-professional setting, or to celebrate the launch of a new product. While corporate parties with clients in attendance tend to be more formal, if you are just inviting team members for an event like an Easter party your arrangements can be more informal.  

Here at Salomons Estate our incredible function rooms, restaurant and bar create the perfect space for a summer party. The experienced staff at our Kent party venue are happy to help plan any event, whether it is a team building exercise or a corporate dinner. 


When planning a corporate party, often there will be a goal that the party is aiming to achieve, whether that is introducing someone new to your team, allowing your employees to let their hair down and enjoy each other’s company outside of work, or to network with clients. With many working remotely, new members of the team are often being introduced to the rest of the team digitally. While new software means this is rarely an issue, it does mean that many new employees won’t have as close a working relationship as many others who are introduced in an office setting. The goal of your event will guide how you choose to organise it; a relaxed sit down meal for team members to enjoy, or a more formal buffet-style event for clients and connections to mingle and network. Consider what decorations, time frames and guest numbers will work well for the goal you have in mind. If in doubt, think about similar events that you have attended, what worked well at the event, what didn’t work, and why.  

While corporate parties are often to celebrate a new product or a holiday, they are also crucial to allowing your colleagues to make the connections they have within the company stronger. People who enjoy each other’s company outside of work are far more likely to work well together in a team setting. Corporate parties allow colleagues to get to know their team members and build team motivation. Here at Salomons Estate we have experience in hosting a range of corporate events – to learn more follow the link here 


When it comes to planning any party event, then the venue you choose is crucial to how your event will turn out. There are many factors that you should consider when organising a corporate party, including whether your chosen venue offers what you need in order to create the event you have in mind. Here are a few key factors you should consider when selecting your Kent party venue.  

  • Date and Time 

With hectic schedules throughout the year, finding a date and time for a party can be difficult. This becomes especially prevalent during the summer as many of your colleagues will have holidays planned, and finding times when everyone is available may be difficult. Talking to a range of venues to see if they have dates available that will work for your event will help you narrow down your search for a venue early on. Picking a time other than the evening for your event will ensure your guests have more energy, as they won’t be arriving after a full day’s work.  

  • Location  

When organising corporate events, it is important that there is transport nearby and that the venue you select is in an area that is easy for the colleagues and clients that have been invited to find. This is especially important if you are serving alcohol at your corporate party, as your guests won’t be able to drive home. Situated in the heart of Kent, our Tunbridge Wells party venue is located conveniently close to Tunbridge Wells and booking a taxi service before the event will give your guests an easily way home.  

  • Catering 

Most party venues have on-site catering available for parties, as well as bar staff. If you are planning to serve your guests a full meal, then having a look at the venue’s events menu should give you an idea of what they can do for your event. While many corporate events do serve alcohol, having soft drinks available as well is a good choice to cater for non-drinkers. Mocktails, including non-alcoholic spirits, can be a good option to create the flavour of the drink without the hangover.  The menu selected will be different for an evening party as opposed to for a corporate event that occurs while breakfast is being served.  

  • Capacity 

Before booking a venue you should discuss with your venue how many people they will be able to cater for and what each function room’s capacity is.  Many venues have a standard for minimum and maximum number of guests allowed per function room, in order to ensure health and safety standards are met. Let the venue know how many guests you plan on inviting to your corporate party, so they can confirm that they have the capacity to host your corporate event.  

  • Budget 

Here at Salomons Estate we are able to accommodate a range of budgets with the variety of options we have for both catering and capacity. Our experienced staff will be available to help guide you to plan an event that perfectly suits your business.  

If you are considering contacting Salomons Estate as a Kent party venue for a corporate event this summer, then please contact us here. Our staff will be happy to discuss what our incredible venue has to offer you and what we can do to help you create a fantastic corporate event.