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Laser Tag Challenge At Salomons

Salomons Estate Laser Challenge is a tactical test of skill and agility for you and your team mates. This high-adrenaline, action-filled laser tag contest is not only great fun but also a great way of training your teams. Our purpose built arena in a quiet section of woodland comes alive as players battle it out for eternal glory through a series of games designed to test your mettle and commitment to the cause.

Laser Challenge at Salomons Estate brings out the hidden leader amongst your group, lets the underdogs shine through and calls on lateral thinking to unlock victory.

Two laser tag teammates high fiving

The laser challenge will include specially designed games such as:

“Team Deathmatch”

Team deathmatch is all out war: blues vs reds. You have unlimited lives and you must use the respawn boxes which are in your bases to respawn when you lose all of your health. The winning team are the team that have lost the least lives when the game time is up. The game lasts 12 minutes and starts and finishes on my whistle. Each team now head back to your base and start planning your tactics. When the whistle sounds – battle commences!

“Last Man Standing”

This game is similar to the Team Deathmatch except you do not have any respawns. Once you have died you must come to the middle and help cheer on your team! The winning team is the one that has someone alive at the end.

A girl in camouflage kneeling behind foliage aiming a laser tag gun

 “Attack and Defend”

For this game tactics are key! We will have one team defending the fort at the rear base and the other team relentlessly attacking. Each team will get a chance to attack and defend and the winning team is the one that defends or survives the longest.

The outcomes of this activity:

Team cohesion

Leader identification

Decision making

Lateral thinking

Morale enhancement

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